Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are one of the newer styles of swimsuit to burst onto the bikini scene. For a few years there, it seemed that bikinis were following a progression of simply getting smaller and smaller. We see somewhat of a reversal of that with the Brazilian cut bikini. Granted, string bikinis and thongs are still hot (probably always will be), but the Brazilian, which covers more, is now preferred among women all over the world.

It should go without saying that the Brazilian bikini originated in South America. It has since migrated across the globe, and Brazilian cut suits are being manufactured by many companies, so the choices are plenty. Even though the term “Brazilian” usually describes a complete bikini with top and bottom, “Brazilian” is really defined by the style of the bottoms. They offer much more coverage than a string bikini or thong, yet still retain plenty of sex appeal. They ride low on the hips and generally accentuate the shape of the lower torso.

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There are several styles that can all be considered a Brazilian bikini (listed below). The one thing they all have in common is a profile that accentuates the buttocks by riding low on the hip.

brazilian bikinis
Brazilian Bikinis
Brazilian bikinis are hard to miss. And while you might not know what they are, exactly, you definitely recognize them when you see them. Like most bikini bottoms, Brazilian bikinis have a low-rise cut. There's plenty of coverage in the front and the sides are usually skinny.

From the back, though, it's a different story. Whereas regular bikini bottoms have full coverage, Brazilian bikinis do not. The sides of the back have been trimmed away to allow for more sun to hit the skin. While you're not showing everything off, there's certainly enough skin exposed to turn some heads.

Full Pucker Brazilian Bikinis
Full Pucker Brazilian bikinis are like the typical Brazilian bikini but with a very noticeable difference: the pucker detail.

Named after the look of the ruched stitching, Full Pucker Brazilian bikinis have the same overall cut as Brazilian bikinis, but instead of a flat surface in the back, there is now ruching down the center. This extra little detail hugs your contours to really help show off a round rear.

Half Pucker Brazilian Bikinis
Like Full Pucker Brazilian bikinis, Half Pucker Brazilian bikinis have the same ruched stitching down the back of the bottoms. However, instead of a full length of pucker from top to bottom, there's only half a length of pucker.

There's also slightly less coverage in the back with the Half Pucker Brazilians compared to the Full Pucker Brazilian so expect to be showing off a lot more skin.

Tie Side Brazilian Bikinis
Tie Side Brazilian bikinis combine the best features of both string bikinis and Brazilian bikinis into one sexy style. Backside coverage ranges from full Brazilian coverage to more revealing looks that expose more of your butt so you can decide just how much you want to show off.

The Brazilian cut backside of a Tie Side Brazilian bikini accentuates your curves just the way you like, and the addition of tie sides adds a flirty element while allowing you to adjust the sides so it fits just right.

Cheeky Brazilian Bikinis
Cheeky Brazilian bikinis are a cross between Brazilian bikinis and thong bikinis. It takes the favorite features of each style and combines them into one cheeky bikini.

The front is low-rise and joins thin sides that wrap around to the back that gives this one its telltale name. The back is cut similar to a Brazilian cut at the top, but the cheeks around rounded out and narrow down to a thong. A perfect choice for Brazilian and thong lovers alike!

Boy Short Brazilian Bikinis
Boy short Brazilian bikinis are a great option for women who want a little more coverage without sacrificing style. This flirty cut offers just the right amount of fabric while still showing a little skin.

The low-rise front helps elongate the torso while the flattering ruched sides hug the hips. The high-cut backside offers a flirty peek at the cheeks, and the puckered stitching down the center helps to accentuate the natural curve of the butt.

micro brazilian bikini
Micro Brazilian Bikinis
Like the idea of showing off some skin but want to expose way more than a regular Brazilian allows? Then Micro Brazilian bikinis are definitely an option to consider.

Like the name suggests, these tiny bottoms are constructed out of very little fabric allowing for a whole lot of skin to be put on display. Expect a minimal amount of coverage in both the front and back.

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